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1039 - breayle: September 20, 2002

Halloween is just around the corner! Be the coolest kid on your block by wearing this Chef Costume, complete with head, shirt, and apron!
Chef Costume

When I was a little kid, I loved the little robot toys that would walk and spark... ok so these don't spark but they do walk! South Park Windup Dolls

Towelie T-Shirt with the quote "Don't preach to me fatso!" on the front.
Aw man, why is everyone riding me today... Goddamnit

South Park Cell Phone Holders
Kyle Cell Phone Cover
Stan Mobile Phone Cover

Are you one of the few South Park fans that hasn't seen Orgazmo? Have you not been able to see Orgazmo because you can't find a copy? Buy your own on VHS via (thank god for you my internet swapmeet). So CLICK HERE to bid for Orgazmo on VHS for only $5.00! (price subject to change)