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877 - breayle: June 27, 2002

Just got a bunch of the new "Ass-Faced" Kenny dolls this morning, and I've got to say that Fun-4-All (the maker of South Park plush dolls) really out did itself this time. Kenny looks great with his hands and feet exposed, a first for one of the boys, and the packaging (a box that looks like a milk carton) is brilliant.

I hear that Fun-4-All is also working on a Butters doll (finally!), so we'll keep you posted when we find out when our fair-haired friend will be released.

Speaking of plushes: I was watching MTV Cribs last night, and South Park plush dolls made an appearance in two of the three segments. Kelly Osbourne had several South Park plushes and mentioned that she loved the show. And then... I hesitate to say this; A.J. McLean from the Backstreet Boys had a talking Cartman plush on his coffee table. He said he also liked the show, then held Eric up to the camera and made him talk ("You're being totally immature"). If it wasn't for Master P's apparently South Park-free abode; we would have hit the trifecta. The Ass-Faced Kenny Plush dolls are available over at Comedy Central's store. Click Here

Anyone have his address?