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827 - breayle: May 23, 2002

Notorious! Notorious! (Cue latter day Duran Squared musical stylings.)

Yes, yes, Comedy Central will air South Park's Fifth Most Notorious Episode tonight. They've been giving clues (in the form of a clip) at nearly every commercial break on the network - so you've probably seen it by now. The clue for tonight's episode was pretty explicit so I won't get into it if you haven't. Ha-Ha! (Think Nelson from The Simpsons.)

But if you're still curious, check out Com Central's "Notorious" campaign at their web site by clicking on the logo on the top left hand corner of our site... There you go...

I do believe they also have a thread concerning this topic going on in their message board, so check it! (your friendly neighborhood South Park Studios I.D. will not work on their site, btw, so you'll need to register for a Comedy Central one.)