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777 - breayle: April 05, 2002

If you caught last Wednesday's episode, you may recall Russell Crowe beating the crap out of an "edita" (editor) for cutting a scene short from his "Fightin' 'Round the World" program.

Well, that's no moon... I mean, that wasn't a mere stock character from the South Park Universe. That was one of our real life editors, Tom Vogt. Matt did an awesome job impersonating his voice, and he really has a pair of orange Abercrombie & Fitch shorts (that convert into pants, I believe).

One of the best gags we ever pulled at South Park, was convincing Tom that he was fired a few years back. They got a cake (that said "Good Luck Tom") and everything. We even had a card that everyone signed. Greg Postma (Story Board) wrote: "Hey Tom, do those shorts convert into a new job?").

Ah, good times.