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625 - breayle: February 20, 2002

Holla back, young 'un. Whoo hoo!

This is getting ridiculous. Yet another South Park T-shirt sighting from a few weeks back. This time in Todd Solondz's most recent cinematic offering, Storytelling, where Selma Blair finally proves that she is, in fact, a twelve year old boy. Anyways, in the second part of said film, entitled "Nonfiction," we find indie-film hero, Mike Schank (Best known from the documentary American Movie.), as the video camera-toting side kick to a documentarian played by Paul Giamatti. In one scene, Mike Schank (playing "Mike" - to avoid apparent confusion) opens his apartment door while wearing a "Sewn-up Kenny" T-shirt from episode #107 - "Pink Eye." As Kenny himself would say: Whoo hoo! So a big up to the costume department at Storytelling.

To learn more about American Movie consult your local library or, better yet, direct your attention to their wonderful website right here.