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616 - breayle: February 15, 2002

"I'm baaaack!"

Come one Come All To the Official South Park Studios Chatroom!

Hey boys and girls! Do you like South Park? Do you like chatting online? Well if you do the join us in the Official chatroom this weekend for some fun friendly banter. This channel was started by Zuzu44, Jennorific, Spacemancraig, Beefylogs, ChickenPhucker, and Loki. They've been here since the launch of posting on the BBS and generally being super duper helpful to me! Thanks guys! You can see most of them dishing out smart arse remarks when you join in on the chat room fun by clicking NYAW, there is no need to be registered.

Now if you're an experienced IRCer then all you need to do is log on to a random DALnet server port 6667 and type /join #spschat.

Zuzu44 was kind enough to start an #SPSchat regulars page with profiles and pictures of the regulars on #SPSchat, please click here to see it.

Have a great weekend! See you all on Monday!