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520 - breayle: December 03, 2001

Boy howdy! Here's one for the fans in the Great White North. It looks like the fifth season of South Park will debut on Canada's Comedy Network on December 28th. Seeing that the subject matter is so timely, Episode #509 "Osama bin Laden has Farty Pants" will lead off the season. Episode #502 "It Hits the Fan" will follow on January 4, 2002. I'm assuming the remainder of the season will follow in the same order as originally broadcast.

Big up to DTISFU for the heads up. To read more about it, visit your local library, or just click right here.

The next South Park DVD will include four episodes from the first half of Season Five. That sucker should hit the shelves sometime in June of 2002. The four episodes included are "It Hits the Fan," "Cripple Fight," "Scott Tenorman must Die," and "Proper Condom Use." So quit asking!