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459 - breayle: October 30, 2001

I check out today and notice that the Orgazmo Import DVD is available there. Check that out by clicking here.

Also I've been getting tons of emails and FAQ's about the whole "Towelie the Talking Towel" that all of you saw in the commercial when the show aired. The only things from this episode that Comedy Central sold were the "I Love Towelie" and "I Hate Towelie" T-Shirts, and even those were only on sale for a week down over there at There are only three actual "Towelie's" in existance and they don't even talk. But maybe if more and more of you email Comedy Central they'll decide to finally make a real Towelie the Talking Towel. That might be as cool as the Terrible Towel from of the Steelers... only it could talk.

You should all check out the Bad Fads Museum I'm scared of the Bermuda shorts....