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456 - breayle: October 29, 2001


I've been trying to collect some new downloads for all of you today but things might be a little hard to get. During the break between the fourth season and the fifth season South Park's animators switched from using PowerAnimator to MAYA to animate the show. Seeing how I only have MAYA on my computer things like images from past seasons will be a little harder to get a hold of, other things like Sounds will be a lot easier to do though. But I will try to get you guys some more stuff soon to beef up the downloads section a bit.

A few new questions have been answered in the FAQ's section so check those out in "The Show" section. Please keep in mind that not everyone's questions will get answered and old ones that don't get answered get deleted, and I also can't remember each person who sends in a question and doesn't get it answered so keep posting them and I'll get to it eventually.

People on the BBS have been getting a little feisty, for those of you who were gone over the weekend please read my post "Don't make me make BBS rules" to be able to understand a few things that are expected of each person on the BBS. Also arwengoenitz has a pretty nifty video of a Kenny Piniata getting the bejeezuz beaten out of him... good fun check it out in "The Kenny Piniata" thread!

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