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425 - breayle: October 12, 2001

Hey Everyone,

The first week back has come to an end, it went by pretty quick! I think everyone's back on Monday so I'm sure I'll have more to post about then. Don't forget to check out the new downloads I just put up for the Towelie Episode, you can get to the script by clicking here and if you want to check out the video click here. I've been getting a lot of requests for more Towelie sounds so I'm going to try and get those for you as soon as I can. I've also still got up the 40 Questions answered by Matt and Trey, you wannit? Click here.

Juz over at is back on the horse, he put everything back up on Monday so check it out. Also don't forget if you have any of the 3D images from email him at and see if you can help build up his database again.

Looks like the DVD that has Trey and Matt's band DVDA on it live is on sale down over at It's the first live footage of DVDA so check it out.