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387 - breayle: August 31, 2001

15. What's with the whole "Fighting the Frizzies" thing from Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics? Is there some obscure reference that I'm just not getting?

Trey: "The Star Wars Christmas Special" starring Chewbacca, his wife and his kid is one of the worst pieces of television ever made. Everything about it is bad. I think it only aired once it 1977, but some smart person taped it off of TV way back then and we got a hold of a copy. You can get it at Comic conventions I think. The tape is complete with commercials from the time and all. They turn out to be the best part. The local station that it was taped off of teases a story about "fighting the frizzies" for the evening news that night. Remember it was 1977, people really cared about their hair back then. It was a hair story. That joke is really a half-percenter, because only one in two hundred will actually get it.