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366 - breayle: August 08, 2001

Part Three of Superion Quest.

Just to recap: Our Production Manager, Daryl Sancton, was given less than two days to track down the random subject of a picture that was received by one of our editors through email. She also had to get permission from said subject, in order to use the image for Episode #503 "Cripple Fight." Thanks to the help of a private investigator, Daryl was able contact Superion (aka Black Superman); but unbeknownst to her, their troubles had only yet begun.

Tuesday 10:00 a.m.

DS: At the time I didn't even know whether he was telling the truth or not. I told (Superion) why I was asking, and who I was, and that we wanted to use a picture of him that we found on the Internet. Luckily, he was really a fan of South Park, and couldn't have been happier to do it. Now, our next problem was, we also had to get the permission of the photographer, and (Superion) didn't know who took that picture of him. But he said that he had pictures of his own, and that we could meet. So we decided to meet that afternoon (around 1:30 p.m.) for coffee, and I was going to bring a release.

Note: Almost every person who appears in, or does a voice for, South Park must sign a release form that gives the show permission to use their image or voice. That's why it was so important for Daryl to find Superion quickly. "Cripple Fight" was going to be delivered to Comedy Central in less than 24 hours; final picture was going in be locked by Trey in less than twelve. And the legal department at Comedy Central would never allow an image to air without a properly signed release form.