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362 - breayle: August 07, 2001

Black Superman. Where did he come from? Is he our friend? And why does Big Gay Al have a picture of him? Well, he's from West Los Angeles, and he's a super nice Superman. I interviewed our Production Manager, Daryl Sancton, to get the inside scoop on how Superion made his South Park debut in Episode #503 "Cripple Fight!"

Monday 9:00 a.m.

DS: When I came in on Monday morning, Anne (Garefino, Executive Producer) told me that I should go back to Edit Bay 2; apparently, there was a photo that needed clearing. It turns out that this picture of Black Superman (aka Superion) had made it onto the show over the weekend. Keef (Bartkus, Editor) had (the original image) emailed to him, thought it was funny, and not realizing that it would create a clearance issue, put it into one of the cuts. Trey fell in love with it and thought it was really funny. So it was my job to find out where and how we could get permission from Superion (to use his image).

CS: Aside from the image Keef had, how did you start tracking down the elusive Superion?

DS: I got a lead from Kyle (McCulloch, Writer) because he, coincidentally, had interviewed Superion two or three years ago at a comic book convention. So we knew he was a part of that world, maybe an icon, even. I started by calling comic book stores in L.A. and San Diego to see if they had heard of Superion. Unfortunately, no one had. So Kyle called up his girlfriend, who tracked down the tape, and made out a portion of his real name. It was 1:30 p.m at this point, and up til then, our leads were getting us nowhere.

Stay tuned for part two: Superion Discovered!