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354 - breayle: July 30, 2001

A lot of fans have been asking us about the presence of Visitors in this season of South Park. As some of you know, Visitors (or Extra Terrestrials) have been a part of South Park since the Pilot episode (you know - they kidnapped Ike and put an anal probe in Cartman - the sick bastards). While the Visitors made their presence readily apparent in that episode, they've been well hidden within the town of South Park ever since. I haven't had any luck spotting them this season, so I went to our Director of Animation, Eric Stough, for the inside scoop. After heavily sedating our subject, I've learned that the visitors have made three appearances so far, with a fourth one coming this Wednesday. The first time was in the Season Premiere (#502 "It Hits the Fan"), and the other two times were in Episode #504 "The Super Best Friends."

Here's the transcript from the aforementioned interrogation. Certain quotes have been altered or deleted for national security purposes (and because we might use the information for future contests).

CS: People have been asking us about Visitors in the Fifth Season. Can you tell us whether they've made an appearance?

ES: I can tell you that there have been three of them, and there will be a fourth one on Wednesday. There's one in Merlin's lair (deleted )in Vegas (deleted) in the first episode of the season (#502 "It Hits the Fan"). And then we tried to do another one in "The Super Best Friends" when (deleted) right behind (deleted) and it's super hard to see the (deleted) of the alien.

I'm close to my word limit, so I'll post the rest of my interview with Eric in the next update.