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345 - breayle: July 23, 2001

As you may already know, the Tim Burton remake of Planet of the Apes will be opening this Friday at an overcrowded cineplex near you. On Wednesday (July 25th), FOX will be airing a Planet of the Apes special, which will hopefully include a sure-to-be-edited-down-to-thirty-seconds interview with Matt and Trey.

Last January Planet of the Apes was finishing up it's principal photography on the same studio lot where That's My Bush was being taped. Even though security was tight, and their sound stages were regularly blocked off with huge black screens, we still got to see several extras in their ape regalia - though I never got a crack at that pesky Marky Mark.

The FOX crew came by the studios a couple Fridays ago to film the interview in Matt and Trey's offices. The guys talked about how they had a Charleton Heston look-alike (and long time stand-in) on an episode of That's My Bush (#103 "Eeeny, Meanie, Miney, MURDER"). They also talked about a song they wrote and recorded for the Planet of the Apes soundtrack, that was actually submitted to Tim Burton himself. While they're still waiting for a response, I CAN tell you that it's some of DVDA's finest work ever, and it would have been cool to hear it over the final credits.