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273 - breayle: June 19, 2001

South Park got a brief, and I do mean brief, mention in the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly. It's the June 22nd, 2001 issue with those harlots from Sex in the City on the cover. The feature was about the apparent showdown between Disney Style 2-D animated movies and the new breed of 3-D computer animated films that have been released over the past few years (e.g. Shrek, Toy Story, Final Fantasy). One of the producers of Final Fantasy, Chris Lee, made a brief comment about South Park at the end of the article. Here's the quote:

Even computer animation's boosters think the old way is here to stay. "If you want to be engaged by characters and story, it could be the paper cutouts from South Park," says Lee. "It doesn't get any simpler than that."

It's a nice comment, though a bit outdated. Maybe Chris Lee doesn't realize that South Park is now created with the exact same software Final Fantasy was created with, namely Maya. Anyway, he's right - story and characters are the most important thing. But the animation on South Park is a stylistic choice that works perfectly with said story and characters. Besides, I would match our animators with those at SquareSoft any day. Wouldn't mind switching locations, however.

We'll be getting a #503 show description out to you shortly (probably Monday). As you may already know, Big Gay Al returns in all his splendor.