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165 - breayle: May 14, 2001

Yes, South Park has a connection to "Survivor." Well, sort of. Last year (before "Survivor 2: Porky's Revenge" aired), Matt and Trey directed a video for the band Ween (DVDA played with Ween at the Palace in L.A. - where I got a contact high). The song was "Even If You Don't" and it's off the "White Pepper" album.

Anyways, one of the extras was none other than resident beotch, Jerri Manthey. She wore this nude tube dress thingy, and you could totally see her black thong (not that I was looking).

And sorry to disappoint, but she was actually pretty nice, inviting us to the bar she worked at (Circle Bar on Main, in Venice). I ended up checking it out with a couple of friends, but I didn't bother saying hi. I went back a couple months after that and she was gone (filming "Survivor," I suppose).

On another note, a couple of South Park staffers played extras in the Ween video. I won't say whom, to protect the guilty.