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157 - breayle: May 09, 2001

So, here I am sitting at my desk at work, flipping through an issue of Streaming Media Magazine (being in the broadcast video business, I get all sorts of interesting mail, and with the online streaming world merging more and more with the broadcast video stuff every day, and the fact that I'm a total web-doof who likes magazines like this because they often times have an article about streaming porn sites, and the obligatory scantily-clad pics of some buxom gal)...

Anyway, near the end of the article (I swear this is about South Park), which is primarily about Lucasfilm's prosecution of a scapegoat who was offering the entire Episode One movie on his website, they had a little sidebar about fan made films, namely Park Wars.

Here's the bulk of what they say about it:

Lucasfilm has trod carefully along the line between tolerating fair use and stamping hard on copyright infringement. In October, filmmaker Ayaz Asif contacted Stephen Sansweet, Lucasfilm director of fan film relations, about Park Wars, a non-commercial fan spoof featuring South Park characters and original audio lifted directly from The Phantom Menace. Sansweet advised against using large amounts of original audio and the film was reduced from 64 minutes to 11. But Lucas himself is reported to have enjoyed the spoof, which comments playfully on the copyright issues resulting from the parody.

So that's basically that... a decent mention of the fun fan film mentioned in a trade magazine which I thought you folks might like. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it, after all, it's got Now You're A Man in it. How cool is that?