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153 - breayle: May 08, 2001

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that we now have a whopping 10,122 users on! I'm sure we'll get more as soon as the chat launches! For those of you who have been with us since launch HURRAY! For those of you just becoming users WELCOME! Sit down, have a Danish... lunch is free on Fridays.

Some teensy weensy news bits, new episodes of South Park begin Wednesday June 20th 2001 so you'd better watch it. I've heard from a bunch of you guys who really really want to see the new season really really bad so you'd better watch it. I don't want to hear any complaints about those who missed them. Just so you know, I don't know what the new season will be about so you'll have to log on to our live chat on Thursday to ask Matt and Trey yourself! Click here to register for the live chat!

Some new office photos have been posted in the "office photos" section under "behind the scenes" I've also added a shload more season three sounds (over 100) so check those out. Apparently when I was uploading (before we launched) I stuck my crayon too far up my nose again and I pushed off the "logical things to have on a site launch" button and forgot to upload ALL of season three. So now they're there, a public stoning of me will occur 20 minutes after they live chat in an alleyway.

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