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141 - breayle: April 30, 2001

Hello all you South Park freaks out there!
There's something NEW on!
I've added an "office photos" section to "Behind the Scenes" so check it out. See what South Parks Bathroom looks like "oooh" and maybe a little bit of "ahhh." More Office Photos to come too!

Check out the polls, it seems Eric Cartman is a big favorite of you guys keep voting, a new poll will be added in a couple days, all of you who have ideas on the polls email me at
And don't forget we're still working on the "Cartman Does the German Dance" screensaver, that will be done by the end of May, then we will set up a new poll on what desktop themes you guys want. I've been getting a lot of ideas and I need more, so those of you with a good idea for a south park desktop theme (and you know who you are you monkeys!) Email me at over and out.