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125 - breayle: April 26, 2001

Yet another info-packed interview from the set of "That's My Bush."

Butters: What about the rumors that Eminem was going to guest star on a future episode of South Park?

Matt: (to Trey) That would be pretty cool, huh?

Butters: So where the hell did they get this idea?

Matt: It's a rumor that started in England, I think. Someone even called me up to ask about it.

Butters: Yeah, a guy from Comedy Central called to see if there was any artwork done.

Matt: Really?

Trey: We're not at liberty to say at this moment.

Matt: Yeah. I'll go over it with him when I see him later tonight.

Well there you have it folks, another unsubstantiated rumor yet to be discredited. We'll be back shortly with even more subterfuge.