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This is the production blog, where you can find notes from the Executive Producer, and the Production Assistant on duty the night before the show airs.

Production Blog Entry for 10/05/10

Steve Rippin, Assistant Production Coordinator

Annnnddd we're back. It's been a few months since we last spoke and quite frankly I miss you guys like I miss NOT working on the weekends. I know most of you spent your summer in rehab working through the shakes that are symptomatic of the withdrawal you feel when you realize there are is not going to be new South Park for a while. If so, then I have good news. Ladies and gentlemen I'm proud to say a brand, shiny new South Park episode called ?Poor and Stupid? airs tomorrow night on Comedy Central? I'll meet you in the back alley and well talk prices? (It usually goes for about zero dollars and airs at 10pm.)

Ok now that everyone can breath a little easier, I want to use the rest of this blog to talk about something near and dear to my heart and I'm not talking about cupcakes. I'm talking about the animals. "Feed the Whales," "Save the Bay," "Heal the Chickens," "Kick the Baby," "March of the Penguins," are all great slogans about animals but I want to you guys to support a new one. It?s called "Name the Fish." Now I'm not talking about just any fish. I'm talking about the official, "South Park Production Office Fish!" (insert fan fare here).

It took many hours and I was sweating a lot but I think I came up with five creative and awesome names for the fish. The only problem is I am an indecisive muggle so I guess I'll let you guys vote and pick the winner.

Here's "no-name" floating around like it's his job.
South Park Office Fish

Production Blog Entry for 10/12/10

DJ STEVEY RIPS, Assistant Production Coordinator

Hello South Parkers!!

I hope you have your hair gel, your canned tan and your Ron Ron Juice ready because this week it's South Park vs New Jersey. I know some of you may actually be from Jersey and you say you don?t use spray tan, but let?s be serious. You do and you like it.

As for us here in the production office "week two" is always one of the busiest of the run for no reason whatsoever. Running around and grabbing all sorts of fun things for the show and cleaning up all the Vagisil from last week has left us slightly exhausted, but have no fear Red Bull is here getting us through another Tuesday night.

So while I'm here at work, I thought I'd like to share a little story from week one.

So, once in a while we get a request to go to the store for Matt and Trey. Video games, food, more food and glue are all the norm, but last week Trey had a very special request. It was a first.

Trey: "Hey Steve, (He didn?t say Steve, but I like to pretend he said my name anyway.) can you go grab me every kind of Vagisil that they sell at CVS?"

Steve: "Uhh. Yeah sure Trey!" (I think I said HIS name but I'm not sure because I was in shock.)

I got a little caught up in some other stuff and so I decided to send my good pal, PA David, to procure all things Vagisil. Eighty four dollars later the folks in the South Park writer's room were the proud owners of every product Vagisil makes.

I know a lot of you out there wish you could work at South Park and believe me, we wish you could too but, there is nothing more awkward than being a 24-year-old male and having to buy eighty-four dollars worth of Vagisil as part of your job. When the checkout woman and the other ladies at the counter threw a few strange looks at David, he calmly said, ?I have a lot of women in my family.? (You gotta know PA David to appreciate the delivery of that line.)

I couldn?t have made it up if I wanted to!! Good job David. Thanks for taking one for the team.

Until next time? keep up with your GTL brah.


Production Blog Entry for 10/19/10

Steve Rippin', Assistant Production Coordinator

Dear World,

Every week I surf learning about you people, reading your post blog quips and comments. I observe how you think?

Last week you confused me. How is it that we had almost 4000 of you guys read the ?name the fish blog? and only 152 people read about PA David?s amazing escapades in search of everything Vagisil makes??? I just don?t understand?

David?s story had the funny. The fish blog was just that, a blog about a fish.

I spent a lot of time pondering why this happened and I realized four things:

1. I must be losing touch with this young generation of SP watchers. (NOOOOO!)
2. I am the only one who enjoyed reading about David and Vagisil.
3. I really REALLY like the band Grand Funk Railroad.
4. AND you guys just like the pictures!!!

Below there is a picture of "Steve", the beta fish. Yup, ?Steve? was the winning name and it's kind of embarrassing. I wrote the blog and you picked my name. I don?t want to be the guy who names a goddamn fish after himself but fair is fair and you voted. Thank you, you?re too kind.

And now, because I know you like them.........PICTURES!!

Jr. Programmer Angus who helps us publish the blog on the site! Awesome!!!

Kim Jong Il
KIM JONG hates having his picture taken. OMG Pictures!!

Steve, David and Steve
Steve the fish with David and Steve the Person

PS Tomorrow night?s episode is called In-sheep-tion? Which is something I won?t be counting as I stay up all night helping to finish this awesome show.

Double PS Today is someone very special's birthday! I can?t tell you who, but I think you can figure it out. Do yourself a favor and wish him a happy birthday in the comments or he?ll stop writing South Park.


Production Blog Entry for 10/26/10

Hoarding Specialists Steve and Dave

Dear Everyone,

Last weekends episode entitled "Insheeption" chronicled the lives of Stan, Mr. Mackey and of course Mr. Yauman the sheep "herder" as they sought to find a cure for their hoarding problem.

After watching many episodes of "Hoarder's" on A&E I feel I am qualified to diagnose a hoarder.

Sadly I have some bad news? We here at South Park are Class 3 hoarders. We have moved beyond locker hoarding to?STORAGE UNIT HOARDING.

My colleague and fellow hoarding specialist PA David and I went over to our storage units to access the situation.

When we first arrived on the scene it was dark and musty and there was a slight hint of stale mothballs that were rolled in old bacon in the air. We held our breath and moved in for a closer look to see what kind of stuff South Park staffers have been stashing there for the past 14 and a half years.

PA Steve Stark's Pond picture
I found an old Stark?s Pond layout made of construction paper!!
PA David scary dude
We caught this guy creepin' around. I nearly shat myself when I opened the door?seriously.

PA David Species Poster
Natasha Henstridge signed "Species" poster? Natasha was Ms. Ellen in the season 1 episode called "Tom?s Rhinoplasty."

PA Steve LA King's signature
Someone from the LA kings signed picture? #28 name begins with an A?beats me.

Last but not least the holy grail of all things found in storage. The very gown Matt Stone?s wore to the Academy Awards in 2000. Trey was nominated for Best Song in a Motion Picture with Marc Shaiman and ?Blame Canada? was performed live on stage by Robin Williams. Although they did not win that night, Matt and Trey left their mark on the Oscars forever. I think you know where this is going.

PA David in Matt's Dress
PA David wearing Matt?s dress from Oscar night.

In conclusion we here at South Park are hoarders, but it's a good thing! We still have a lot of the old relics from back in the day Treasures that define South Park?s history.

14 Years of Teasure
14 plus Years of South Park!


Hoarding Specialist Steve
Hoarding Specialist and Sexy Model Dave

Production Blog Entry for 10/27/09

Kenny Lane, Production Assistant

Welcome back, South Park-ophiles!

Congratulations are in order, for we have reached the middle of the run. I would like to personally thank each and every member of NATO for making this possible.

But I don't have time for that, so let's get down to business.

I can honestly say that tomorrow's episode is my favorite episode of this season. I would even say it's the best South Park episode of the past three seasons. I would go further and say it's the better than any episode in seasons 1, 5, and 7, but not quite as good as episodes from seasons 3, 9, and 10. And it's just as good as any of the great episodes from seasons 2, 4, 6, and 8.

Let me just say this- It's better than the first 3 seasons of Simpsons, and just as good as the 5th season of Seinfeld. It's even better than the original Scarface and just as good as the remake with Al Pacino. It's just as good as Alien and Aliens, and way better than Alien3 and Alien: Resurrection.

Hopefully that gives you some perspective on how great the episode will turn out. No? It didn't? Well, let me just say that it's just as good as The Great Gatsby and better than The Sun Also Rises.

Anyway, this week, to get into the spirit of the season the office has been decked out with a variety of spooky props. Including:



Possessed Marionettes

Well, gotta go. The entire staff is about to pull off an elaborate choreographed dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller and I don't want to miss out.

Production Blog Entry for 11/02/10

The Mighty Penguin, Super-hero

To whom it may concern,

Where there is darkness I am the light and if you?re blind there?s nothing I can do to make things brighter?sorry. People call me Protector of the Arctic, The Blubbery Bird, The Tuxedoed Belly Slider, but most of all they call me? The Mighty Penguin!

The Mighty Penguin

I may not be able to fly but I can swim and walk faster than humans. My tuxedo suit made of pure titanium provides protection during the harsh arctic winters and enemy attacks. My Super Powerful Bluetooth Penguin Bow Tie not only allows me to keep watch over my rookery and rookeries abroad it also helps me get mad lady penguins. If all that?s not impressive enough, Morgan Freeman narrates my life.

It is clear I am the chosen Penguin to defend this earth, but I am not complete. There is one thing I am missing that I have been longing for. Sidekicks.

I have always wanted to be a part of ?Coon and Friends!? My old mentor Mysterion has educated me in the ways of the group and now I feel I am ready to join their ranks.

So now I turn to you, trusted fan. What do you think it takes to be a member of ?Coon and Friends??

Do you think you know the identities of my fellow crime fighters?

Bet you can?t guess my identity?


The Mighty Penguin
The Mighty Penguin

PS. Enjoy tonight?s Episo

Production Blog Entry for 11/09/10

Steve Rippin', Assistant Production Coordinator

Happy Tuesday night everybody! Tonight is a very special night here at South Park because when we leave here, the conclusion of the last three weeks of work with The Coon and Friends will be finished! The artwork has been amazing so far and I know for a fact the episode will not disappoint.

This week?s blog is about old PA Nate. I thought it would be good to show some respect to our elders. Nate was an integral part of the South Park production office for like 27 years. In fact rumor has it that he was a PA on this show before Matt and Trey ever even conceived the idea. Nate, who is now an assistant editor working on our HD project, was kind enough to sit down with me for a little one on one interview.

The following is a transcript of a conversation between APOC Steve and Old PA/ Asst. Editor Nate dated 11/9/10 4:17pm.

S: Please state your name, age and job title for the record.
N: Nate Pellettieri, 31, Assistant Editor HD Project

S: What is your favorite color??for the record.
N: Green

S: What was your favorite thing about working in the production office at South Park studios?
N: Back when I was a PA we used to hide stuff all over that room. Seriously? From secret notes to weird pictures there was TONS of stuff hidden in that room. Actually I still think you haven't found the giant "Ass to Ass" sign Tim and I left behind.

Ex-PA Nate

S: What are you working on at the moment?
N: I'm finding shots from Episode 201 so that we can remake them in HD for Episode 505?

S: What?s you?re favorite snack?
N: The little cottage Cheeses that PA Mike gets sometimes. I friggin love them?

S: If you could have one pet what would it be and why?
N: If possible? I'd get the genetically altered mini Giraffe from the Directv commercials where that rich euro-fag guy has all the gold stuff. Mainly cause I think it would be awesome to feed that thing?But also cause I want to be like that rich euro-fag guy.

S: What?s your shoe size? For the ladies?
N: 10 and a half? The half is what makes all the difference.

S: How long have you been working at South Park?
N: I just finished up my 6th year on Halloween?

S: Jesus that?s a long time. Why are you still here?

PA Steve interviews Former PA Nate
S: What is your fondest memory of Matt and Trey?
N: When they gave me money (around 4G?s) from the McRib challenge (a challenge where I had to eat a disgusting amount of McRibs and Starbucks in a short amount of time?) Oddly enough I used that money to buy a laptop and Final Cut Pro and in the end that's how I got this editing job now.

PA Steve and Nate
S: Tell me something that only you know about South Park?
N: There is a trashcan that sometimes fills with water above the writer's room? I always wanted to get it and move it back down but it takes a lot to get up above there and when I switched jobs I never got the chance to get it.

S: Did you watch the premier episode of ?Conan? last night?
N: Yes it was really good? Seth Rogen as the first guest wasn?t.

S: How many times a day do you think you snap your fingers while roaming the South Park halls? N: I'm guessing I snap my fingers around 200 times a day? That's a rough estimate but I look forward to the day when people get scared when they hear the snapping coming up the hallway.

Well there you have it folks, an in-depth update with old PA Nate. Don't you miss him?

Well, until next week I?m going to go try and find that bucket of water before there is a small disaster and that ass-to-ass picture.


APOC Steve

Production Blog Entry for 11/10/09

Steve Rippin, Production Assistant

Good evening South Park production blog readers! It is I. PA Steve! The second-to-last episode of this run is upon us and quite frankly I think I speak for everyone here who wants to be spoken for that we are a little bit tired and looking forward to a holiday break soon.

So, it's Tuesday night and I have been pondering what to write about for many days now and I either have writers block or the smell of dinner is making my ADD kick in full throttle. So here we are, the last possible moment to give you the scoop on all things South Park after a long week and I only have one thing on my mind......40 DD's.

In last week's episode, we had a lesson based on the word "fag.". Cut back to two days before the episode airs. Trey comes up with this amazing idea to have a baby point to the "fag" in the photo before him. When the child was looking at the picture there was a Harley rider on one side and a flamboyantly homosexual gay man on the other side. The baby picked the Harley rider...proving that even a child knows the word fag refers to people who ride Harleys. Zing!

We use photos on South Park for comedic effect all the time. Sometimes we are unable to find images that already exist so we must create our own. The producers came to me and informed me that they had invited a very muscular man to pose for pictures in a bra, sailor's hat, pink boa, and bright red lipstick and I needed to procure those props. There's something to be said for someone who can keep a straight face when presented with this ridiculous and unexpected request. So off I go to the bra store to buy some 40 DD bras.

I walk in and already I'm the center of attention because bras don't fit me and they never will. I said to the clerk, "I'm not a pervert, but I need to purchase some 40 DD bras in varying colors and lace textures." She knew I was well informed based on what I said and frightened by the fact that I had obviously done my research before hand. Sadly I had, but so is the life of a PA.

Anyway I buy the bras and come back to the studio where the model is waiting. The man bras up, puts the lipstick and boa on, and viola! A very convincing gay man. A few moments go by and I am summoned by our line producer to the photo studio. The sparsely dressed, pink boa laden, lipstick wearing man with the sailor's hat says hello and I say hello back averting my eyes from his junk and I walk over to the producer who had a look of the utmost importance in her eye. "Thongs," she says, "we need thongs." I said "now do you want nut huggers, banana hammocks or ass floss," and she said "all of the above." Now, I may have embellished that just to write those terms for male thongs, but that's neither here nor there.

Colors and size written down I'm off to Target, which by the way has a fantastic male thong selection. I didn't see that one coming, but I'm just telling it like it is. I get to Target and I'm admiring (pronounced: making sure no one is watching me as I try to secretly scan) the male thong selection when I get a phone call from our office manager to come back to the studio because they are happy with a shot they already had and there would be no need for thongs... This is the end of the story, sadly, with no punch line.

I will say this. I have seen a lot of ridiculous, absurd and offensively funny things here at South Park and most of the things I've seen and done I would do again in a heart beat . I guess now I have to add bra shopping to that list. I'm just so thankful I didn't have to buy the damn thongs. Here is the picture as it appeared in the episode. The "fag" is on the right.

Love, PA Steve

PS: I would also like to take the chance to wish PA Chaffey (Pronouced: Nate) good luck in his new gig. He is leaving us after two awesome runs and we all wish him the best.

Production Blog Entry for 11/16/10

Steve Rippin', Assistant Production Coordinator

Dear Planet Earth,

I have some terrible news to report. This is the last blog of Season 14. Tomorrow night South Park will air the final episode of the year. It is entitled ?Crème Fraiche? and for all those Food Network addicts out there (ME) get your food processors, blast chillers, ceviche?s and whatever other weird shit they have on that channel and let?s cook something!

This week, being our last week and all, we wanted to eat something awesome. We hired the winners of ?The Great Food Truck Race? on Food Network without even knowing we were doing a Food Network episode. The dudes from the ?Grill Em All? truck specialize in MASSIVE burgers and killer fries. It was an honor and a pleasure to have them. They cooked the shit out of about 96 burgers in less than an hour. Mind-blowing, I know. Fast and tasty is how we like it around here. Pictures below. These guys rock!

The Truck
The Truck!

Waste em all burger
The Waste Em All Burger with green Chilies (fries not pictured)

PAs and Truck Crew
Me and the Grill Em All Dudes.

Now I know it?s not even Thanksgiving yet, but we here at SP like to get in the Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, and whatever the Mormons celebrate spirit. PA Mike, David, our Production Coordinator, Elyse and I got down and dirty to put together all the crew gifts we leave our peeps with before they head home for the winter hiatus. There are all kinds of pictures below so enjoy!

Finally, do yourself a favor and go see Matt and Trey?s new musical, ?The Book of Mormon? on Broadway. It will kick major ass I promise. Previews start in late February and opens in late March so you have time to save your milk money.


E-Town after a loooong day?s rockin?

Assembly line of PA David and PA Mike
Assembly line of PA David and PA Mike

PA Davids bags
PA David swimming in a sea of BAGS.

PA Sam wishing all of us Happy Holidays with his ever growing ?wanna be? Santa Beard.

See you guys next year for SEASON 15 and thanks for being the best fans ever.