Jewpacabra Mating Call

Cartman and Butters set off in the middle of the night searching for Jewpacabra.

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    1. About the Episode

      Jewpacabra Episode Air Date: South Park's big Easter egg hunt is in jeopardy when there are rumors of a dangerous beast lurking in the woods nearby. Cartman tries to warn everyone that their lives are at risk if they participate in the egg hunt. No one believes him until he produces video evidence of the mysterious being.
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      A Jewpacabra in South Park

      Season 16
      Cartman visits the Sooper Foods executives to show them his proof of the Jewpacabra.
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      Hewbrew Jeebies

      Season 16
      The tales of the Jewpacabra start to get into Cartman's head.
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      Three Foot Tall Bunny-Man

      Season 16
      The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization mistake Cartman for a mystical bunny creature.
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