Divine Ass Blood

Stan catches his drunken dad trying to get behind the wheel. Randy insists on seeing the statue, so he tells his eight-year-old son to drive.

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    1. About the Episode

      Bloody Mary Episode Air Date: Stan is embarrassed in front of his friends when his dad gets pulled over for drunk driving. In a neighboring town, a bleeding statue of Mary is discovered and the faithful are flocking to the site hoping to be healed. Stan's dad is sure the bleeding Virgin can cure him of his "disease."
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      Randy's DUI

      Season 9
      Bloody Mary
      While driving the boys home, Randy gets pulled over. He fails a sobriety test, let's his pants fall down and gets arrested.
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      I Just Really Like Beer

      Season 9
      Bloody Mary
      Randy doesn't think he's an alcoholic, he just really likes beer.
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      Dad's Drunk

      Season 9
      Bloody Mary
      After karate practice, Stan's dad shows up drunk on two-dollar margaritas and gives the boys a ride home.
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      Daddy's Very Sick

      Season 9
      Bloody Mary
      Stan's Dad can't stop drinking because of the terrible disease he is powerless against.
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      We're All Powerless

      Season 9
      Bloody Mary
      At an AA meeting Stan says that the whole "disease" theory has made his dad worse. After comparing the program to a cult, he is thrown out.
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      Butter Dirty, Line Cutter

      Season 9
      Bloody Mary
      Stan drives his dad to the Virgin Mary statue. Randy immediately tries to skip ahead, insisting that his disease is as serious as cancer.
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