We're Getting Married

When Mrs. Garrison learns that Mr. Slave and Big Gay Al are together now and planning to get married on Saturday, he gets angry.

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    1. About the Episode

      Follow That Egg Episode Air Date: Mrs. Garrison realizes that he still has feelings for Mr. Slave. But, Mr. Slave has moved on and plans to marry his new love as soon as the governor signs the same-sex marriage bill. Mrs. Garrison leads the charge against gay marriage.
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      Veto The Bill!

      Season 9
      Follow That Egg
      Mrs. Garrison tries to convince South Park to harm gay people to send a message, but settles on appealing to the Governor of Colorado to veto the same sex marriage bill.
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      The Nicest Hat I've Ever Known

      Season 9
      Follow That Egg
      Stan apologizes to Kyle. Kyle reveals that he gave Stan a fake egg.
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