Picking a Turkey

Kyle and Timmy go to a farm to get a turkey for the play. Timmy picks out a "messed up one" bound for execution.

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    1. About the Episode

      Helen Keller! The Musical Episode Air Date: The boys are doing their version of the Miracle Worker as a musical spectacular for the Thanksgiving Day Festival. When Butters informs them that the Kindergarteners show is a magnificent sight to behold, complete with fancy costumes and pyrotechnics, the fourth graders go through a lot of pain to make sure they beat the tiny tots'show. Timmy stars as Helen Keller and gets a new friend to play with.
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      Revamping the Play

      Season 4
      Helen Keller! The Musical
      Butters interrupts rehearsal to warn the kids that the kindergarten play is really good. They decide to revamp "The Miracle Worker" to make it more Thanksgivingy.
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      Accidental Death

      Season 4
      Helen Keller! The Musical
      Kenny meets an accidental death intended for Gobbles. Butters informs the others that the kindergarteners have special effects.
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