Goodbye Forever Saddam

God grants Satan a favor and lets Saddam into Heaven so that Satan can be rid of him forever.

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    1. About the Episode

      Probably Episode Air Date: Cartman preaches and the children begin plans to build a church. Satan spends the night with Saddam. Kenny wasn't killed in the previous episode, but the bus that ran him over stops in Mexico, which is pretty much the same as Hell. Satan, in his time of crisis, turns to God for advice. Cartman is discovered as a fraud and is sent to Mexico as punishment.
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      Season 4
      Kenny didn't die, he got stuck to the bottom of a tour bus and ended up in Mexico. Cartman's church is almost complete.
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      A Dollar for God

      Season 4
      Cartman gets a direct message from God telling him that everyone needs to give him a dollar. The Mormons welcome Satan into Heaven.
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      Closure in Room 16

      Season 4
      Satan wants is closure with Saddam but ends up spending one wild night at his hotel. Now he has to figure out how to tell Chris.
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      Abandon all Hope

      Season 4
      Newbies arrive in Hell, but Satan isn't up for orientation. Chris is dead, but still "alive" in hell, and looking forward to being together forever with Satan.
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      God's a Buddhist

      Season 4
      Satan learns that his real problem is that he's dependant on relationships and should consider being alone to find some balance in his life.
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