Dare Hurts

Stan, Bebe, Wendy and Clyde play Truth or Dare. Bebe dares Stan to jam a stick in his pee hole.

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    1. About the Episode

      Clubhouses Episode Air Date: Stan is psyched to have Wendy visit his clubhouse for a game of Truth or Dare, but first he has to build one. When Cartman finds out, he immediately enlists Kenny's help in building an elaborate rival clubhouse. If that weren't already enough for any eight-year-old to deal with, Stan also has to help Wendy fix Kyle up with Bebe and come to terms with his parents' untimely divorce.
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      Competing Clubhouse

      Season 2
      Cartman and Kenny decide to build a rival clubhouse. Meanwhile, Stan's mom is still mad about the fight with her husband and takes it out on Stan.
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