Dead is Better

Mr. Stotch considers re-burying Butters' body in the Indian burial ground, while the boys prepare butters for the slumber party.

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    1. About the Episode

      Marjorine Episode Air Date: The 4th grade girls are having a sleepover. It's imperative that the boys find out what goes on behind closed doors and discover the truth about the girls' fortune-telling device. The boys take some drastic measures to infiltrate this age-old feminine tradition.
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      Unholy Demon Spawn

      Season 9
      When Butters returns home, his parents are convinced that he has risen from the Indian burial grave as an unholy demon spawn.
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      It Must Feed

      Season 9
      Butters' parents chain him up in the basement. When he complains that he's hungry, Mr. and Mrs. Stotch offer him a saleswoman.
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