Towelie Goes on Oprah

Towelie realizes the key to his success is simple: Get high and think of something, and then pretend to be a person. This makes him famous and he gets on Oprah.

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      A Million Little Fibers Episode Air Date: Towelie gets over his drug addiction and writes his memoirs. With Oprah's support, his book becomes a best-seller and his story inspires millions to turn their lives around. When it's revealed that Towelie fabricated the key premise of his book, Oprah retaliates. The grand dame of daytime television won't stand for being lied to.
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      Geraldo Gets A Call

      Season 10
      A Million Little Fibers
      Oprah's minge and asshole know they need help exposing Towelie as a fraud, so they turn to Geraldo, the one man who can surely get to the bottom of things.
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